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ranking higher on google requires good affordable seo

How easy is it to find your website on Google?

Affordable NZ SEO

NZ businesses can’t afford to rank lowly on Google. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of building, improving or marketing a website to give it the best chance of ranking highly on search engines for the keywords you want to be found for. We can make SEO affordable and profitable for your business.

The top ranked websites on the first page of Google get the majority of the clicks and therefore, the majority of the enquiries and sales. Simply having a website isn’t good enough anymore. We can help your website get found and then get results. We work on…

On-Site SEO

If your website hasn’t been properly designed to rank highly, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is! If no one is finding you for the right keywords, you won’t make any money. We can conduct a website audit to check that your website has been designed in a way that will help you rank well for the right searches. Great website design is the start of a high ranking on Google.

Link Building

The main way that Google ranks your website is by checking to see how popular it is. If no one is pointing to your site, then how important can you be? But don’t think that it’s as simple as buying a heap of links online! We’ve seen a many disasters from website owners who have paid the wrong companies to do link building for them. Google penalises websites that have suspicious-looking links. Don’t try this yourself – get an expert to do it for you.

Website Copywriting

Having great text on your website is not only a good way to inform your customers about what you offer but it’s one of the main ways that Google assesses your pages. Often, our clients say that they don’t want too much text because “people don’t read it”. The fact is that the quality of the information on your website is one way that potential customers check to see if you’re worth further enquiry. Proving that you offer a valuable product or service through the text (and photos) on your website is your way of proving your credibility. Ignore this at your peril!

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO costs are different for every company. The budget you need for your SEO depends on what keywords you are targeting, the level of competition on your industry/region, what your starting point is and how quickly you want results. We can take a look at your current rankings and give you an indication of what we think you should spend. However, we can work to a lower budget and still get results, it might just take a little longer.

Ranking Recovery

If you’ve paid for SEO before and you still rank too low, it could be that the previous SEO work actually damaged your rankings and this needs to be fixed before we can get your website back up toward the top. It’s also quite common for websites to drop in rank after being redesigned because the website designer hasn’t considered the ranking of the website when rebuilding it. We have experience in fixing these sorts of problems and can get you back where you should be.

SEO Quotes

We’re happy to discuss your requirements. All we need to do is take a quick look at your website and see what could be holding you back. We’ll give you an indication of budget and if you decide to use our services, we’ll conduct a more detailed SEO audit before proceeding to do any work. Please get in touch to find out more…