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Google Ads Management

google ads managementMost internet users are only vaguely aware of Google Ads and have no idea how it works. This represents a wonderful opportunity to website owners who have the ability to not only target people doing Google searches but also to market to them via other websites and even offer targeted promotions tailored just for them.

When we manage a new Google Ads campaign for a client, the first thing we do is determine the potential audience for your adverts. Analysing potential keywords or potential placement websites is essential to creating a cost effective and profitable campaign. Simply targeting thousands of search terms that may or may not work is going to be costly and wasteful!

Ads Search Terms

The simplest way to explain Ads in Google search pages is that they appear because of the searches that the user is making. If someone searches for some shoes and your product is a custom made designer shoe, it’s our job to ensure that you’re appearing for the right kind of searches. You want to appear for “designer shoes” but not for “cheap sandals”. Search adverts are displayed based upon the settings that we put into the campaign.

Buy a High Ranking on Google

Google Ads allows us to buy you a high ranking on Google. Unlike SEO that can take weeks or months to be effective, Ads allows us to put your website link at the top of the search results pages in only a few hours. Ideally, we take a little longer to get the best results at the cheapest price. Getting the best results takes a little time as we need to analyse the quality and type of website traffic we get from the early stages of the campaign.

Advertise On Other Websites

We’ve all seen banner advertising on websites like the NZ Herald. With Google Ads, we can place your adverts on a range of other websites that are either very popular or even closely related to what you are selling. Perhaps a fisher charter advertising banner on a website all about fishing!


One of the best things about Ads is the ability to advertise to people who have already visited your website. Let’s say that you’re the manager of a hotel. Someone visits your website to see if they want to stay there but don’t make a booking. Ads Remarketing lets us display a banner advert to them on another website offering them a special offer if they come back and book with you! And if they don’t do anything within a certain time period, we can even improve the offer!