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No matter how big or small your Internet presence might be, to be successful, your web site needs to be hosted on a reliable server. We will make sure your web site is up and working – all day, every day.

Our services are not just reliable, they’re also lightning fast. We aim to deliver the fastest, most reliable hosting service available anywhere. How can we say that? We make sure that our server is never overloaded and therefore able to respond to requests immediately.

Bay of Islands Travel Guide

If your business is based in the Bay of Islands, you are eligible to join the Bay of Islands Travel Guide and enjoy the benefits of being part of this very popular tourist site. If you host your website with us, you receive a free basic listing in the appropriate category with a link to your page. We also offer options for you to upgrade to a more prominent listing with your own promotional page.

Domain Names & Email

Whether you want a .nz domain name or a .com or anything else, we can help you get a domain name that will work for your business. Once we have that set up, we can provide you with email accounts (at no charge) that you can login to and check online or download to your computer.

Website Statistics

Website hosting allows you to install tracking software such as Google Analytics to track statistics on your website. Here are a few common terms that are used in website stats packages.


Any request made to the server which is logged, is considered a ‘hit’. The requests can be for anything… html pages, graphic images, audio files, CGI scripts, etc. This number is sometimes used to impress the uninitiated. To the website owner it is of little value.


Similar to ‘hits’, this number represents the server responses to the incoming requests as ‘files’ (sent). This number also doesn’t have much relevance to the website owner.


“Pages” represents the number of HTML documents, or anything that generates an HTML document. Also referred to as “Page views” this number is considered by some as “pure hits”. Useful to the website owner, as it can show if visitors are looking at only one page or the whole site. When divided by the number of ‘Visits’ it gives the average number of pages visitors have viewed.


Each request made to the server comes from a unique ‘site’ or visitor, which can be referenced by a name or ultimately, an IP address. The ‘sites’ number shows how many unique IP addresses made requests to the server during the reporting time period. This DOES NOT mean the number of unique individual users (real people) that visited as most internet service providers re-use IP addresses. However, this number might be about as close as you will get (add 5 to 10%).


Whenever a request is made to the server from a given IP address (site), the amount of time since a previous request by the address is calculated (if any). If the time difference is greater than 30 minutes (or no request has been made before), it is considered a ‘new visit’, and this total is incremented (both for the site, and the IP address). So if a user visits your site at 1:00 in the afternoon, and then returns at 3:00, two visits would be registered. Due to the limitation of the HTTP protocol, log rotations and other factors, this number should not be taken as absolutely accurate, rather, it should be considered a pretty close guess.


The KBytes (kilobytes) value shows the amount of data, in KB that was sent out by the server during the specified reporting period.

Top Entry and Exit Pages

The Top Entry and Exit tables give a rough estimate of what URL’s are used to enter your site, and what the last pages viewed are.

Because of limitations in the HTTP protocol, log rotations, etc., this number should be considered a good ‘rough guess’ of the actual numbers, however will give a good indication of the overall trend in where users come into, and exit, your site.